my mother just threw a wagon wheel at me

How the fuck did she get the wheel off a wagon? Do people still have wagons? Why are they destroying them to throw?? Australia’s weird




Being a introvert is like being Robert Downey Jr. in your head


and Castiel in real life


how did you manage to sum it up so easily

About 9:30pm last night, outside the hospital where we'd been visiting my Grandma
Me: *waiting on a bench for my Dad to bring the car around - I had my booted broken foot up on the edge of the bench*
Patient smoking in wheelchair beside me: Have you just been in A&E?
Me: No, I've been visiting someone.
Patient: Ohhh right, I thought you'd broken your foot or something.
Me: I did actually, a couple of days ago (well, I found out then...)
Patient: Oh for goodness sake, man! *shakes her head smiling*

I noticed a book on the table about pet bereavement last night, but I was too tired to be bothered. Looked at it just now, read the back first, then turned it to the front and… It was written by my Dad’s cousin. Shouldn’t have been surprised, he’s an NHS psychologist/bereavement counsellor, and I think we have like 3 of his other books. Nevertheless, I don’t think I’ll be reading it. I’m coping alright so far…

You sound like you need love and support right now, so <3. Thinking of you. xx

Thank you Anon, I really do appreciate it. *hugs*

I didn’t take nearly as many instant photos as I’d have liked to, but these are nice. At least while I’ve got to be resting my foot, I can organise my photos, videos, souvenirs, etc for my scrapbooks.


the colors of the books + the author of the middle book = a double rainbow

Books and Cupcakes July Book Photo Challenge

Day 17: Rainbow



Luke 1:19

And the angel answered him, “I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God, and I was sent to speak to you and to bring you this good news:


Our whole fandom is going to hell


When I go back to the hotel room at a convention

So look at this - I fractured my foot during the trip! It randomly started hurting during our first night in New Orleans (we walked for hoooouuuurrrrsss and it was so hot, even in the middle of the night) Ever since then it was so painful to walk on and swollen. I didn’t go to a doctor though because we didn’t think it was broken (I can move my toes, and it wasn’t bruised), and I knew it would disrupt the trip for everyone simply by going to a hospital, not to mention if they’d given me a boot or plaster cast. Sooooo I powered on through the pain, even running - yes RUNNING - through Universal Studios at opening time, to keep up with my group and the rest of the crowd, to get to Diagon Alley. Holy hell, did it hurt. So when I finally got home a week later, from Miami, I went to the hospital after Sunday lunch with my parents, and after a few exams and an x-ray, they told me it was a stress fracture. Now I have to stop walking so much, wear the boot when I do, and hopefully in 2-3 weeks it’ll have stopped hurting, and 6-8 weeks it should be healed.

So since my family are all out (Dad in Newcastle, Mum and sister on their way to Glasgow, to move my sister’s stuff out of her flat and back home - we’re joining them on Friday), I’m going to hobble over to Asda and display myself and my foot to the public for the first time in over 2 weeks. Wish me luck!

I miss them already!


Yes, I had to add the word “permanently” - message me if you want me to do another version with certain characters